Refresh Your Look! The 2023 Concert Outfit Guide

Concert Outfit Guide

Festival season is finally here! All the concerts and spring events are here for us once again to make memories of a lifetime. Bring on the sleepless nights filled with amaizing music and inctedible friends. For such special occations the perfect concert outfit guide is a must beause lets face it, when you look better you feel better. With these concert inspiration outfits you’ll be sure to bring on all the vibes.


Choosing the right concert/festial outfit

There are may things to consider when choosing what to wear to a concert. Beyond the unexpected, here is a few thing that may be beneficial to consider with any concert/festival.

  • Where is the concert taking place? Do you need to travel and stay overnight at a hotel or an AirBnb?
  • Based on the time of the year what is the average seosanal weather like for that location.
  • Is the concert indoors or outdoors?
  • Is there seating, picnic space or is it standing room only?
  • Are purses and/or backpacks allowed?
  • What music genre is it?

Knowing the answer to all these question will be key in choosing your perfect festival outfit. Since you want this experiance to be the best it can be knowing the location and the climate is a must. Bacause this will be key in figuring out if you want to wear something that’s long sleeve or maybe a short sleeve is sufficient. Also knowing if it’s taking place indoor or outdoor will let you prepare for weather related events such as rain or a windy day. As for seating you want to know what footwear is appropriate. For a grassy area heels would be a nightmare but if it’s in a building with available seats those may fit in just right. Another aspect that makes all the difference is the genre, since certain music types have a given aestetic you may want to dress for the part.

With all that said we customized a few outfits for this spring and summers hottest concerts/festivals.



Coachella Concert Outfit Guide

Shorts: Babi Got Back- Hi-rise Light Wash Shorts. Bralette top: The Sweet Fling- Baby Blue Lace Bralette Cami Top

Coachella Outfit Guide

Since nothing represents festival season like Coachella its’s the best example for a festival outfit. Because it takes place in a warm climate you want something that is light. Sticking to short sleeves and shorts is ideal. Try staying away from skirts since you’ll want to be able to move freely. Since it is a festival something that stands out is always a plus. Wear short shorts with a baby blue bralette. Make the outfit your own with a rhinestone fringe belt. Lastly put on some cream cowboy boots to finish the look.



Bad Bunny Concert Outfit Guide

Good Karma- Black Cutout Bodycon Midi Dress

Bad Bunny Concert Outfit Guide

Because a hot concert calls for a hot outfit such as one with cut outs. Wearing a little black dress is a good choice. Sice you don’t want to worry about it riding up the whole time go with a midi dress instead. These kinds of concerts usually take place in an arena with flooring so a small thick heel will work well. Add a fancy fanny pack to make sure all your valubles are safe.




Country Concert Outfit Guide

Bodysuit: Making The Cut- V-neck And Back Bodysuit.  Skirt: Only Sheriff In This Town- Woven Beaded Mini Skirt

Zac Brown Band

Country concerts are always fun! Pull out the cowboy boots a cute white deep-v bodysuit with a fringe back back jacket since you’ll want to add that cowbuy flare. Finally add a cute skirt such as this one, added bonus it’s now on sale!

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